New and enhanced Web-Site.

It is with a slight tinge of sadness, that after 22 years, Panache physical shop has closed its doors for the last time.

We are looking forward to give you, our loyal customers, the same great service on our web-site as we did at our shop.

We will maintain the same quality, the same product values, and wherever possible, same, or similar products. As usual you can rely on our integrity and help.

Claudia and Alex would like to welcome you to our on-line presence and hope that you will join us on our new venture.

Again Welcome

Claudia and Alex Allon

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  1. Johanna Arbuthnott says:

    I’m wanting to buy 2 pimpernel mugs, on the first page I am advised that they are $22,99 PLUS $1 POSTAGE, however when I go through to finalise the sale the postage goes up to $12.99 per 1 item and MAYBE as far as I can see , $9.00 for the 2nd item.

    Naturally I only want to pay the $1 postage as is stated – in red – on the first page.

  2. Johanna Arbuthnott says:

    ps to the above, I am in Australia

  3. sonya says:

    Dear Claudia and Alex,
    I am desperately trying to find Maxwell & williams “Flannel flowers” mugs from the botanicals range -it was discontinued in 2011 i think.Do you have any?

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