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Last updated: May 2018

NOTE:  We have recently had one or two shoppers experience issues purchasing using some browsers.

If you are having difficulty try using Chrome or Firefox!

If you still have problems email us and we will look at alternatives for you…

This page describes how to use our eCommerce – Shopping Cart facility.
It is useful for those who may be new to on-line shopping carts and also provides specific information on how we work, the options available and how your order is handled.

But on top of this information, please do not hesitate to ask any questions via out Contact Form.

Site Layout:

The site is laid out with the following main areas:

  • Header: which includes a product search facility on the right, Main Menu, showing Store, Special Offers, Login etc…
  • Breadcrumb: Below the main-menu is a breadcrumb trail showing you the path you have taken to get to the current page you are on.
  • Left section showing, Shopping Cart, Manufacturers and Categories
  • Main right section, showing the products and other information depending on what menu items you have selected!
  • Footer, showing other information and other links.


Panache Collectibes have a very large range of products availabe for you to browse and purchase.

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for there are a number of ways of finding what you want!

Firstly the products are arranged in Categories.  Sometimes these are also the manufacturer but other times they are a broad product category.
Simply click on the category you are looking for and the products are shown in the main page.  Products are displayed 4 across and up to 6 rows down.  If there are more products than 24 there are page facilities at the bottom of the first 24 products.

Above the categories in the left column there is a Brands drop down selection.
Simply click the down arrow and choose the brand you are interested in.

Finally you can type a keyword or two into the search form, which is located top right of the page.This will return all products that match the words entered.

If you are interested in more information on a product, you can click the small image or the details and that will show you the full details of that single product.
Note there is a tab-page section showing the Description, Additional Images, Reviews and Related Products.Clicking on the image will display an enlarged version of the image.


To purchase a product, simply click the blue ‘Add to Cart’ button, and it will be added to your shopping cart.From here, you can continue shopping, or proceed to the checkout.
Notice that the product you have added appears in the left sidebar – this shows all the time as a convienience to see what you currently have in your shopping cart.
There are also links on the Top-Gray main-menu to go to your shopping cart or checkout pages.


Once you have completed adding the product(s) to your cart and you are ready to checkout simply click the checkout button (either one – sidebar, or main-menu) and there are then three simple stages to complete your order.

  • Account Login: If you are returning customer, login with your email address and password.If you are a new customer select the ‘Register Account’ option and click ‘Continue’ and enter the details about yourself. An email will be sent to you.If you wish to proceed as a guest, select the ‘Guest Checkout’ option and click ‘Continue’. (Note: A ‘Guest Checkout’ does not have the facility to login in the future and view your orders.)
  • Delivery Information: This stage is the simplest!  Panache Collectibles quotes each order for delivery costs.
    So there is only one option ‘Quote Shipping Charges’, so just click continue to move on!
  • Payment Methods: The payment methods are listed and you simply click the one you want.At the time of writing there are four options – Bank Transfer, Pay-Pal Invoice, Credit Card processing & Cheque/Money Order  Remember, the final cost of your purchase including shipping and insurance will be emailed to you before payment is required or processed!
    To complete the Payment Method stage, simply click the ‘Terms and Conditions’ agreement checkbox and click ‘Continue’.
  • Confirm Order:The final stage is simply to confirm your order.  This page shows a summary of your order so that you can be sure everthing is correct. Then simply click the ‘Confirm Order’ button and all is done.
  • What happens next ? An email will be sent to you confirming your order and showing the details of the items you have purchased and the payment method.
    We will check your order to confirm stock availability and work out the shipping and insurance costs based on your location in the world.
    Once the information is complete we will email you with the full details.If your payment method was bank transfer, you then do the bank transfer.
    If the payment method was Pay-Pal Invoice, we send a link for you to pay that Invoice via Pay-Pal.
    With Credit Card, we will ask you to confirm that the shipping and insurance charges are OK and we will then process your Credit Card payment on your confirmation.

And then once we have confirmed the payment, the goods will ship, usually within 3 to 4 working days.
We also advise you via email the day they leave.

Alex & Claudia Allon

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